A commandline backup utility


Version 1.0 for Windows


Dopple is a simple commandline tool for copying (or moving) files and folders.

It has two required parameters: source and dest paths, relative or absolute.
By default, Dopple will copy files from source to dest if the source file's Modified timestamp is newer (or if the destination file does not exist).

See the descriptions below for additional options.


Version 1.0 usage (accessible by running dopple -h):

usage: dopple [-h] [--version] [-v] [-q] [--log FILE] [-t] [--no-recurse]
              [--no-hidden] [--clean] [--reset] [--move] [-a] [-c] [-s N]
              [--older] [--crc32] [--md5] [-o] [-l FILE] [-d N] [--predelay N]
              [-k] [--shutdown] source dest

positional arguments:
  source             folder to back up
  dest               destination for backup files

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --version          show program's version number and exit
  -v, --verbose      show all activity (not just errors)
  -q, --quiet        don't show anything, even errors
  --log FILE         log all activity to the specified file
  -t, --test         test mode (filesystem will not be changed)

  --no-recurse       do not backup subfolder contents
  --no-hidden        do not backup hidden files/folders
  --clean            delete extra files from destination
  --reset            delete entire destination folder before starting
  --move             move to destination, rather than copy
  -a, --abort        abort backup if any copy fails
  -c, --confirm      ask before overwriting files
  -s, --skip N       used with -c to auto-select 'No' after N seconds

  --older            copy if source's modified date is newer OR older
  --crc32            copy if CRC32 checksum has changed
  --md5              copy if MD5 hash has changed

  -o, --open         open destination folder when finished
  -l, --launch FILE  launch the file (or folder) when finished
  -d, --delay N      wait for N seconds before closing
  --predelay N       wait for N seconds before starting
  -k, --key          wait for a key press before closing
  --shutdown         shut down computer when closing


Dopple is by Ryan Touk (email)