A GUI tool for removing committed files from a Mercurial repo's history.


Version v1.0 (July 2014)
HgErase for Windows [md5: 3e0e73152d6cd199e35aea474d55e374]


HgErase provides a simple way to remove files from a Mercurial repository, including files which were committed long ago in the repo's history.

To use HgErase, you need to specify three parameters:

1. Source Repo

2. Committed Files/Folders to Remove

3. Destination

This should never corrupt your repositories, because the processing is handled by Mercurial's built-in convert extension. HgErase just makes it easier for you by automating the creation of a filemap, enabling the convert extension, running hg with the proper parameters, and renaming your generated (and backed-up) repo folders.

HgErase is currently available for Windows only.
This software is free to use at your own risk.
Always back up your projects!


HgErase is developed by Ryan Touk (email)